Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island (TAC) is funded by the NYS Tobacco Control Program through a grant administered by the American Lung Association of the Northeast. TAC consists of a community engagement component and a youth action component branded as Reality Check LI. Our work focuses on establishing tobacco-free policies to make Long Island a healthier place to live. TAC also supplies free tobacco education and cessation literature to local agencies and schools.

Overview of Current Projects:

Entryway Bans and Grounds Policies

People should not be forced to walk through a wall of smoke when entering public buildings. The Surgeon General has declared that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. TAC is working with worksites and community organizations to implement voluntary entryway bans and grounds policies. We are available to provide technical assistance to create policies. Free signage is also available.

Outdoor Tobacco Use Regulations

Cigarette litter and exposure to secondhand smoke are public health concerns. TAC is working to educate local municipalities about the benefits of adopting tobacco use regulations for outdoor recreational areas such as playgrounds, parks and beaches. Over 400 municipalities throughout the state have implemented such policies which are listed on

Reducing Store Marketing

TAC is working with state partners to educate New Yorkers on the prevalence and impact that tobacco product displays and promotions have on youth smoking. “This is Tobacco Marketing” media campaign can be viewed at .

It’s Not Just Menthol

Menthol is not just a flavor. It’s a manipulative way for Big Tobacco to target, attract and addict Black Americans. The cooling flavor makes menthol-flavored tobacco products easier start and harder to quit, and tobacco companies aggressively market menthol products using elements of Black culture, putting more products on slaves in Black communities and making them cheaper. And for Black Americans, it’s not just an injustice – it’s killing them disproportionately. 

Smoke Free Housing

TAC consistently receives tenant complaints about drifting secondhand smoke from a neighboring apartment, co-op or condo. Secondhand smoke is more than a nuisance; it is a health hazard. TAC is working with tenants, landlords, property managers and realtors to create smoke-free policies. We also collaborate in hosting a statewide website

Smoke Free Media

Reality Check LI is also working with state partners to advocate for policy changes in the movie and Internet businesses to protect our children from unregulated tobacco imagery which impacts youth smoking. Learn more at

NYS Smokers’ Quitline

TAC promotes the NYS Smokers’ Quitline which offers free coaching and support to residents who want to quit smoking. Free starter kits of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges are available to NYS adults who are medically eligible. Learn more at