Tobacco Facts, News and Education Tools

  • – Centers for Disease Control. Tobacco information and prevention source. Free publications, research data, surgeon general’s report, quit guides and more.
  •– American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. Secondhand smoke information, advocacy, smoke free ordinances, ads and youth information.
  •– Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Special reports, statistics, fact sheets, Federal, State & Global initiatives and Kick Butts Day.
  • – Action on Smoking and Health. Information on secondhand smoke, condos and apartments, custody issues and smoking and lawsuits.
  • – Educational videos, assembly programs, news for teen smoking prevention.
  • – American Legacy Foundation. Information to arm young people with knowledge to reject tobacco and eliminate disparities in access to tobacco prevention and cessation services.
  • – National Cancer Institute. Tobacco information, quitting, prevention, research, statistics and literature.
  • – US Environmental Protection Agency. Information on secondhand smoke and children.
  • – Tobacco related news delivered daily.
  • – National Spit Tobacco Education Program.
  • – International Network of Women Against Tobacco.
  • – Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium. Provides technical assistance, information resources, and training for state and local tobacco control programs.
  • – American Academy of Family Physicians. Tobacco education program for kids.

Tobacco Cessation

  • – New York State Smokers’ Quitsite. Free stop smoking kits for adults and teens.
  • – Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. Personalized planning tools to quit smoking or help someone else quit.
  • – Step by step help in quitting smoking including live chat service and an on-line quit guide.
  • – American Lung Association. Freedom from Smoking 7 session on-line cessation program.
  • – Motivation, education and support for quitting.
  • – Site designed to help smokeless tobacco users quit.
  • – Oregon Research Institute. Funded by NCI, this randomized clinical trial is recruiting 2,400 smokeless tobacco users who are interested in quitting through one of two website programs.
  • – Nicotine Anonymous. 12 Step Fellowship of men and women helping each other live nicotine-free lives.

Teen Sites

Kids Sites

  • – Reject All Tobacco. Fun site for kids to learn about tobacco facts.
  • – Children Helping and Motivating Parents to Stop Smoking. Tips for kids and their parents on how to quit smoking. Includes games, e-cards, motivational information.

Tobacco Industry & Litigation Information

  •– Infact. A membership organization that wages campaigns against corporations such as the tobacco industry.
  • – State Tobacco Information Center. Archives of tobacco litigation documents.
  • – Smoke Free Environments Law Project. Information for businesses and individuals on legal and liability issues related to tobacco.

College Programs

  • – Information on setting up a tobacco free campus.
  • – The New York State Colleges Tobacco Free Initiative. A statewide partnership dedicated to encouraging and supporting colleges and universities to implement effective tobacco-free campus policies while creating a culture of compliance.