You may not have seen all the tobacco marketing in the stores, but your kids have. Tobacco marketing refers to the posters and signs inside and outside stores, as well as the colorful, well-lit displays of tobacco products behind the counter in most convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Did you know???

  • The average age of a new smoker is 13 years old
  • Everyday in NYS the tobacco industry spends over half a million dollars to market its products
  • The 2012 Surgron Generals report found that the tobacco company’s marketing efforts “consistently and coherently points to the intentional marketing of tobacco products to youth as being a cause of young people’s tobacco use.”
  • Where there are more tobacco retailers near schools, students are more likely to smoke

Communities across the nation have worked to reduce the tobacco industry’s presence in retail stores by reducing the number of tobacco retailers, restricting tobacco retailing within proximity of schools, prohibit the sale of tobacco in pharmacies, and restricting the redemption of coupons or multi-pack discounts.

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